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Service FAQs

Q: How long does a service take?

A: Depending upon the year, model and mileage of the bike, services take anywhere from 2-10 hrs. Most services can be completed in the same day by appointment.

Q: When/how can I make an appointment?

A: Call the Service Department at 603-330-3330. Ask to speak with any of our Service Advisors.

Q: Can I go longer between services if I use Harley-Davdison® Syn3 lubricant?

A: NO, the service interval does not change for engine oil with Syn3. Harley-Davidson® recommends that your motorcycle receive servicing at least every five thousand miles, depending upon rider, riding style and conditions. Sometimes more frequent oil changes can be warranted.

Q: How long should my battery last?

A: A well-maintained battery will have a shelf life of two years. Typical battery life seen from use is approximately three years but can be much better or much worse depending on usage of the motorcycle and how you maintain your battery. Battery tenders are always recommended to keep batteries at their optimum charge level when not riding. Battery tenders do not bring batteries back from the dead. Once the battery has been discharged for any length of time, a load tester for CCA’s (cold cranking amps) is necessary to see if the battery can be brought back to operating level.

Q: How long is my Harley-Davdison® battery warranty?

A: Two years with the factory warranty on a new motorcycle. One year if the battery is purchased over the counter from the parts and accessories department.

Q: What is a download and why would I need one?

A: A download is an ECM calibration that adjusts the air/fuel mixture your engine runs on. Calibration in the form of a Stage One download is necessary when upgraded parts have been installed that require more fuel (ie: non-stock mufflers, headers, and/or high flow air cleaner assembly kits). In most cases, a Stage One download from Harley-Davidson® will be sufficient for these minor modifications with Screamin’ Eagle products. Harley-Davidson® tuners (Super Tuner or Street Tuner) or aftermarket tuners are usually only necessary when doing major modifications, (aftermarket exhausts, cam upgrades, big bore kits); but it is always wise to check with our Service Professionals to make sure you are giving your motorcycle what it needs to run properly.

Q: How do I properly store my motorcycle for the Winter?

A: Proper Winter storage is definitely key to proper motorcycle maintenance. Call 603-330-3330 and speak with any of our Service Advisors. We’ll be happy to help.

Q: Why are my pipes turning yellow and blue?

A: High-performance motorcycle engines develop large amounts of heat, causing bluing and discoloration to chromed pipes, especially near the head.

Motorcycle exhaust pipes are usually chrome plated. The chrome serves as a protection against rust, abrasion, and the occasional oil spray. While chrome is a uniquely inert coating, even the best plating job will turn yellow, gold, and/or blue when subjected to the extreme temperatures that can be generated in a high-performance engine. An out-of-tune engine can cause bluing far down the motorcycle pipe where the exhaust is supposed to be cooler. Almost every new bike will blue the header pipe for a few inches from the head in the first several hundred miles.

So what is the answer? Purchase high-quality products that have excellent shielding, keep them clean and protect them, and keep your bike serviced and tuned. In the end, remember, all pipes will discolor because of high heat. On a well-tuned bike, the discoloration dissipates the further the distance from the exhaust header. Great manufacturers know that heat shields keep pipes looking great. Heat wrap is also an option for a more rugged look.

Q: Do you have pick-up and delivery services available?

A: Yes. For more information about our Pick-Up and Delivery Service, please contact our Service Professionals at 603-330-3330.

Q. How often should I check my tire pressure?

A: A daily rider should check the tire pressure once every week. For the weekend warriors every time you saddle up.

Q: Can I request a specific technician?

A: Yes you can. Just let us know if you prefer a specific technician when you schedule your appointment and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Q: What is included in a Harley-Davidson® service?

A: Much more than “just an oil change”! The mileage of the bike dictates what is done at each particular service some examples of what service can include of are:

  • Engine oil and filter change
  • Transmission fluid change
  • Primary fluid change
  • Air filter inspection and replacement (parts additional) if needed
  • Spark plug inspection and replacement (parts sometimes additional) if needed
  • Brake system inspection and evaluation (parts additional) if needed
  • Tires inspected with tread depths reported (parts and labor additional)
  • Suspension inspected and adjusted
  • Secondary Belt tension inspected and adjusted (labor sometimes additional)
  • Cables: throttle, idle and clutch cables adjusted (if applicable)
  • Full clutch adjustment (if applicable), no adjustment req’d on hydraulic clutch
  • Critical fasteners (axle nuts, banjo fittings, etc.) tightened to Harley-Davidson® factory recommended torque specifications
  • Spoked wheel tension and condition (additional labor for truing)
  • Battery inspection/testing: condition and fasteners tightened
  • Electrical components inspection, condition and operation
  • Higher mileage services can often include fuel filter and/or neck bearing inspection/replacement

This is why it is important to have your bike serviced at the factory’s specified intervals.

Q: Why do my brakes squeak or rub?

A: Brake dust causes squeaking, keep rotors clean and calipers free of debris. Minor rubbing/friction is normal, brakes require a minimal pad to rotor clearance.

Q: Do you work on anything other than Harley-Davidson® motorcycles?

A: No, our technicians are factory-trained in Harley-Davidson® product lines only.

Q: What is involved if I want to upgrade to new pipes?

A: In addition to selecting the pipes you like best, you will also want to upgrade your intake system. Free flowing pipes mean more air can be expelled. You will not reap the benefit of these upgrades if you keep your stock breathing system installed.

For EFI owners, an updated computer download/tuner will ensure the fuel is metered to the cylinders properly. Harley-Davidson® Screamin’ Eagle® muffler systems have factory-patterned downloads. For aftermarket exhaust systems like Vance & Hines, additional components are available to ensure your bike runs correctly.

Q: Can I drop my bike off after hours?

A: No. We do not recommend dropping your bike off to us during off-hours. We do not have a key dropbox.

Q: Do I need an appointment for a Massachusetts State Inspection?

A: No, but it is always wise to call ahead.

Q: How can I increase my motorcycle’s performance?

A: By using the best settings exactly matched to the equipment on your motorcycle, you will get the best possible performance. Note that “performance” includes not only the maximum power, but also good drivability, smooth-running engine, and good fuel economy.

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